Hazor in the Book of Judges

Hazor in the Book of Judges



The stock image is a visual representation of the ancient city of Hazor and its surroundings during the time of the Judges in Israel. The map highlights the strategic location of Hazor, which served as a key military stronghold during this period.

The map depicts the city of Hazor as a large fortified settlement, complete with walls, gates, and watchtowers. It also shows the surrounding landscape, including the nearby mountains and valleys that provided natural defenses for the city.

The map also includes important biblical landmarks, such as the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River, and the city of Dan. These landmarks served as key points of reference for travelers and armies moving through the region.

Overall, the map provides a valuable visual tool for understanding the important role that Hazor played in ancient Israel and the military campaigns of the Judges.

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