I Samuel Nob Davids Flight

I Samuel Nob Davids Flight



The stock image is a depiction of the events from the first book of Samuel in the Old Testament of the Bible. The map illustrates the location of Nob, a town in ancient Israel, where David fled after being betrayed by Saul, the king of Israel at the time.

The map shows Nob as a small town located in the central highlands of Israel, southeast of Jerusalem. The town was home to the tabernacle, which housed the Ark of the Covenant before it was moved to Jerusalem by King David.

The map also shows the surrounding terrain, which is rugged and mountainous, making it an ideal place for David to hide from Saul’s army. In the story, David sought the help of the priest at Nob, Ahimelech, who gave him food and a sword before he fled to the nearby cave of Adullam.

Overall, this stock image map provides a visual representation of the setting of one of the most dramatic and important stories in the life of David, a pivotal figure in Jewish and Christian tradition.

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