II Kings Habor River

II Kings Habor River


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The stock image displays the geographical location of the Habor River mentioned in the book of II Kings in the Old Testament of the Bible. The Habor River is located in the northern part of Mesopotamia, near the cities of Haran and Gozan. According to II Kings 17:6, the Assyrian King Shalmaneser V exiled the Israelites from their homeland and resettled them in the cities of the Medes and on the banks of the Habor River.

This event is known as the Assyrian Captivity, and it is a significant moment in the history of Israel as it marked the end of the Northern Kingdom.

The map shows the location of the Habor River and its proximity to the cities of Haran and Gozan, giving viewers a visual representation of the area where the Israelites were resettled after their captivity.

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