Jordan River During Abraham’s Time

Jordan River During Abraham’s Time



This stock image depicts the Jordan River during the time of Abraham in the Old Testament. The Jordan River is a significant geographical feature in the Bible, and it was where many important events took place. In this map, the Jordan River is shown flowing from the north, with the Sea of Galilee located to the north of the river.

Kadesh Barnea, an important location in the Old Testament, is also depicted in the map. It is shown located to the south of the Jordan River, near the edge of the wilderness. This was the location where the Israelites stopped on their journey from Egypt to the Promised Land, and where they received the Ten Commandments from Moses.

The map also shows the different territories and kingdoms that existed during Abraham’s time, including the land of Canaan, where Abraham lived. Canaan was an important location in the Bible, and it was the land promised to Abraham and his descendants by God. The territories of Moab and Ammon are also shown, located to the east of the Jordan River.

This stock image provides a visual representation of the geography and locations mentioned in the Old Testament, and can be used for educational or illustrative purposes.

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