The stock image depicts the ancient biblical city of Mahanaim located in the territory of the tribe of Gad, east of the Jordan River. The city played a significant role in the history of Israel, as it was the place where Jacob encountered the angels of God on his return to the land of Canaan. Mahanaim was also the location where King Saul camped before his final battle against his rival, King David.

The image shows the city of Mahanaim and its surrounding areas, highlighting the significant landmarks of the city. The map includes the Jabbok River, which flows near the city and was crossed by Jacob when he encountered the angels. The map also features the nearby cities of Penuel and Succoth, which were also visited by Jacob during his journey.

The image provides a glimpse into the landscape and topography of the region, depicting the rugged terrain and the sparse vegetation that characterizes the area. Overall, the map provides a valuable visual reference for those interested in the history and geography of the ancient biblical city of Mahanaim.

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