Mount Gilboa in the Time of David

Mount Gilboa in the Time of David



The stock image depicts Mount Gilboa during the reign of King David, a prominent figure in the Hebrew Bible. Mount Gilboa is a mountain range in northern Israel, located near the Jezreel Valley. The map shows the location of the mountain range in relation to nearby cities and territories, such as the territories of the Philistines and the Amalekites.

The map also highlights important landmarks on Mount Gilboa, such as the location of the battle between King Saul and the Philistines, which resulted in the death of Saul and his sons.

In addition, the map shows important geographic features of the area, such as valleys and rivers, that would have been significant to the people of the time.

Overall, the map provides a visual representation of the historical and biblical significance of Mount Gilboa in the context of ancient Israel.

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