One-Year Membership

One-Year Membership




The stock image portrays the layout and facilities of a typical ancient Israelite temple, and highlights the different areas reserved for members of different social and religious statuses. The map shows the main entrance to the temple, which is only accessible to members with a valid membership. The courtyard is open to all members, including women and non-Jews, and is a space for socializing, trading, and making offerings.

The next area is the Holy Place, which is reserved for Jewish men and can only be entered after ritual purification. Here, members can participate in prayer, witness the reading of the Torah, and perform various religious rituals. Beyond the Holy Place is the Holy of Holies, the most sacred area of the temple, where only the High Priest is allowed to enter once a year on the Day of Atonement.

The stock image also highlights the various services available to members, including the animal sacrifices, offerings of produce, and tithes. It also shows the administrative areas of the temple, such as the treasury and the chambers where records are kept.

The map provides a glimpse into the organization and exclusivity of the ancient Israelite temple system and how it was structured to accommodate the different levels of membership in their society.

One Year License.

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