Saul’s Journey to Damascus and Arabia

Saul’s Journey to Damascus and Arabia



The stock image depicts the biblical journey of Saul, who later became known as the apostle Paul, to Damascus and Arabia. The map showcases the key locations and routes mentioned in the Bible during this journey, which is significant for the spread of Christianity.

The journey began in Jerusalem, where Saul was known for persecuting early Christians. He then travelled to Damascus, where he had a vision of Jesus Christ and was blinded. The map shows the route from Jerusalem to Damascus and the key places he passed through, including the city of Jericho.

After regaining his sight, Saul spent some time in Damascus and then travelled to Arabia, where he preached the gospel. The map showcases the possible routes and locations he may have visited in Arabia, including the city of Petra.

Overall, the map provides a visual representation of Saul’s journey, highlighting the key places mentioned in the Bible and their significance to the spread of Christianity.

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