Solomon’s Kingdom

Solomon’s Kingdom



The stock image depicts a map of Solomon’s Kingdom, a powerful empire that existed during biblical times. The map is set against a beige background with black borders and white font to label the various regions and landmarks.

The map shows the vast territory of Solomon’s Kingdom, which extended from the Euphrates River in the east to the Nile River in the west. The kingdom covered much of modern-day Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and parts of Syria and Saudi Arabia.

Various cities and regions are also labeled on the map, such as Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, Tyre, and Damascus. Jerusalem, the capital of the kingdom, is located in the central region of the map and is marked with a prominent star.

The image also features illustrations of notable landmarks and structures, including the Temple of Solomon, which was built in Jerusalem during his reign. The temple is shown as a grand structure with a large courtyard and intricate architectural details.

Additionally, the map highlights the wealth and resources of the kingdom, including gold mines, olive groves, and trade routes. These resources contributed to the great prosperity and power of the kingdom during Solomon’s reign.

Overall, this stock image provides a visual representation of the vast territory and resources of Solomon’s Kingdom, highlighting the grandeur and opulence of this ancient empire.

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