Abram’s Family Leaving Ur


Abram’s Family Leaving Ur



The stock image depicts a scene from the book of Genesis in the Bible, showing Abram (later known as Abraham), his wife Sarai (later known as Sarah), and their nephew Lot leaving Ur of the Chaldeans. The image is set in a desert landscape, with Abram leading the way and carrying a staff, followed by Sarai and Lot.

They are dressed in traditional clothing, with Abram wearing a long robe and a head covering, and Sarai and Lot wearing flowing garments. The sky is clear and blue, with the sun shining down on the travelers. In the distance, the city of Ur can be seen, with its tall walls and buildings.

The image captures the sense of adventure and uncertainty as Abram and his family set out on a journey into the unknown, trusting in God’s guidance and protection.

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