Judah and Israel in the Kings

Judah and Israel in the Kings



The stock image depicts the region of Israel during the reign of the kings of Israel and Judah. The map shows the division of Israel into two kingdoms, Israel to the north and Judah to the south, which occurred after the death of King Solomon. The map highlights the major cities and regions of the two kingdoms, including Jerusalem, Samaria, Galilee, the Jordan River, and the Dead Sea.

The map also shows the major events and conflicts that occurred between the two kingdoms during this period, such as the wars between Israel and Judah, the Assyrian invasions, and the eventual conquest of both kingdoms by the Babylonians. The map provides a visual representation of the political and territorial changes that took place in the region during this tumultuous period of biblical history, and serves as a useful reference for those studying the history and geography of the ancient Near East.

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