The Kingdom of the Hittites

The Kingdom of the Hittites



The stock image shows the Kingdom of the Hittites, an ancient civilization that flourished in Anatolia (modern-day Turkey) during the Bronze Age. The map highlights the major Hittite cities and their territorial extent, including the capital city of Hattusa, which was known for its impressive defensive walls and monumental temples.

The map also depicts the Hittite heartland, which was dominated by the Anatolian plateau and the Taurus Mountains. The Hittites were known for their advanced military technology and diplomacy, which allowed them to become a dominant power in the Near East during the second millennium BCE. However, their empire eventually declined due to internal conflict, invasion, and environmental factors.

The map provides a glimpse into the political and geographical context of the Hittite civilization, which played an important role in the ancient world.

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