Warren’s Shaft

Warren’s Shaft



Color photo of Warren’s Shaft in Jerusalem

2020 photo of Warren’s Shaft, a vertical underground shaft discovered by archaeologist Sir Charles Warren.

The early inhabitants of Jerusalem were known as the Jebusites, and they referred to Jerusalem as Jebus. They considered their city to be virtually impregnable and so strongly fortified that they boasted that the “blind and the lame” could defend the city. The reason for this is because Jebus was located on the Hill of Ophel which was only approachable from the north side. There were very steep ravines around the west, south, and east sides and this made foreign invasion impossible. So David came up with a great plan, he brought some of his men through a secret tunnel that brought water into the city, and as they ascended out of the vertical shaft they easily conquered the “stronghold of Zion” and David renamed it “the city of David” (2 Samuel 5:7), and he made Jerusalem his new capital.

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