I Kings Israel and Judah

I Kings Israel and Judah


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The stock image depicts the geographical locations and borders of the two kingdoms during the reign of King Solomon and after the division of the united kingdom of Israel. The map shows the territory of Israel in the north, with its capital city of Samaria, and the southern kingdom of Judah, with its capital city of Jerusalem.

The map highlights the major cities, towns, and regions of the two kingdoms, including Shechem, Bethel, Jericho, Gibeon, and Hebron, among others. It also shows the border areas and regions that were frequently contested between Israel and Judah, such as the Golan Heights and the Jordan River valley.

The map is useful in understanding the political and religious history of Israel and Judah during the period covered by the Book of Kings. It also shows the importance of geography in shaping the historical events and conflicts between the two kingdoms.

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