II Kings Assyrian Empire Under Esarhaddon

II Kings Assyrian Empire Under Esarhaddon



The stock image map of II Kings – Assyrian Empire Under Esarhaddon would show a map of the Assyrian Empire during the reign of Esarhaddon, who was the son of Sennacherib. The map would include the lands and territories under Assyrian rule, which extended from the Mediterranean Sea in the west to the borders of Egypt in the south and Babylonia in the east.

The map would highlight major cities and sites under Assyrian control such as Nineveh, Ashur, and Babylon. Additionally, it could also show the territories that were conquered and added to the empire under Esarhaddon’s reign.

The map could also include important events that took place during Esarhaddon’s rule, such as his campaigns against Egypt and his building projects, including the construction of a new capital city called Dur-Sharrukin.

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