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The stock image is a map of Jonah, which depicts the regions and cities relevant to the book of Jonah. The map shows the eastern Mediterranean, including modern-day Israel, Lebanon, and Syria. It also includes parts of Turkey, Cyprus, and Egypt.

The map highlights the city of Nineveh, where God sent Jonah to preach repentance to the Assyrians. It also shows the city of Joppa, where Jonah attempted to flee from God’s command, only to be swallowed by a great fish and later spit out onto the shore.

Other notable locations on the map include Tarshish, the distant city Jonah initially set out for, and the city of Ashdod, where Jonah’s ship departed from before encountering the storm.

The map is helpful in visualizing the geographical context of the story of Jonah and understanding the various locations mentioned in the book.

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