Ophir and Tarshish

Ophir and Tarshish



The stock image depicts the locations of these two ancient regions in relation to the Middle East and Africa during biblical times. Ophir, mentioned in the Bible as a place from which King Solomon obtained gold, is believed to be located in southeastern Arabia, near present-day Yemen. Tarshish, on the other hand, is often associated with modern-day Spain or the western Mediterranean region.

The map highlights the maritime trade routes that connected these regions to the rest of the ancient world. Ships would sail from Ophir to the Red Sea, and then on to the ports of the eastern Mediterranean. Tarshish, meanwhile, was accessible by sailing westward from the eastern Mediterranean, and was a major source of tin and other valuable commodities.

The map also shows the proximity of these regions to other key locations in the ancient world, such as the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, as well as Egypt and the major empires of Mesopotamia. Overall, the map provides a valuable insight into the importance of trade and commerce in the ancient world, and the role that distant regions like Ophir and Tarshish played in the exchange of goods and ideas.

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