Place of Trumpeting


The stock image of the Place of Trumpeting showcases a close-up view of a large, ancient stone with inscriptions carved into its surface. This stone is believed to have been part of the original platform located on the southwestern corner of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which was used during the Second Temple period as a location for announcing the start and end of the Sabbath and other important events.

The stone is rectangular in shape and is composed of a beige-colored material. It is intricately carved with a series of Hebrew and Aramaic inscriptions, which include phrases such as “To the place of trumpeting,” “To the house of the Lord,” and “For the peace of the world.”

The Place of Trumpeting is a significant location in Jewish history and is mentioned several times in the Talmud and other ancient texts. This stock image provides a glimpse into the architectural and religious practices of the Second Temple period in Jerusalem, particularly the use of inscribed stones as markers of important locations and events.

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