Judaea Capta Coin

Judaea Capta Coin



The Judaea Capta Coin is a historical artifact from ancient Rome that is of significant importance in the context of the Bible. It is a bronze coin that was minted in Rome to commemorate the victory of the Roman Emperor Vespasian over the Jewish revolt in 70 AD.

The coin features the image of Emperor Vespasian on one side and a female figure representing the province of Judea on the other side. The female figure is depicted as a mourning captive, with her head bowed and her hands tied behind her back. The inscription on the coin reads “Judaea Capta” (Captured Judea) and celebrates the military conquest of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Second Temple.

This coin is an important archaeological find that provides insight into the history of the Roman Empire and its impact on the Jewish people.

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