Temple Facade Coin

Temple Facade Coin



A colored photograph captures the façade of the Temple coin, minted during the Bar Kokhba Revolt against Rome (132-135 AD). This coin, also referred to as the “Four Species” of Sukkot and the Temple Facade, is a remarkable artifact.

Notably, this coin preserves the sole visible representation of Herod’s Temple, which had been demolished and buried by the Romans in 70 AD. Crafted from bronze, it was struck following the liberation of Jerusalem by Bar Kokhba and bears the inscription “Second Year to the Freedom of Israel” (134-135). Today, this coin is housed within the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Key symbols featured on the coin encompass the sole existing likeness of the Jerusalem Temple’s façade, along with depictions of the Four Species and trumpets. These symbols vividly portray the messianic essence of the rebellion, reflecting a profound yearning for the revival of Jerusalem and its sacred Temple.

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